2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NYC

Last Thursday, I attended the 2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NYC (aka #fitblognyc) hosted by Fitness Magazine!  Let me just say that it was such an honor to be invited to this event and it definitely lived up to all the social media hype!  I surprisingly made it to the Mercedes Club without much fuss! The venue itself was really spectacular and certainly as luxurious as fitness centers come.  Thank you for hosting us Mercedes Club!

2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NY

2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NYC

2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NYC

After checking in and mingling with some new and old blogging friends, we were treated to a delicious breakfast before kicking off the event with Editor-in-Chief, Betty Wong.

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from the Q&A sessions hosted by various Fitness Magazine Editors:

The New Formula for Fitness Success with Holly Rilinger:

–  It is not one size fits all when it comes to fitness.  What may work for one person may not work for another person.

–  You have to visualize what you want.  It will drive you to the place you want to be.

–  Magic happens when you sleep.  Sleep is critical to recovery.  {Yes, I knew I liked her the moment I saw her!}

How to Stay Healthy in a Hardcore World with Dr. Marci A Goolsby

–  The three main causes of injuries she sees in her practice are from 1.) doing too much, too soon, 2.) not incorporating enough strength training, and 3.) lack of proper nutrition supporting fitness goals.

–  When it comes to good versus bad pain in training, this is tricky to figure out.  If you are running differently or change your gait, you should not be running through that pain.

–  If soreness doesn’t linger, continue on with training.  If you are limping, or the soreness lingers into your next workout, go get yourself checked out.  Also, stay mobile after major efforts in order to avoid soreness.

Eat Healthier, Live Happier with Carla Hall

–  Cook with love!  If you are not in a good mood, the only thing you should be making is reservations.

–  Balance fat in your dishes.  If you eliminate all fat, it’s a big mistake.  You end up eating more because you aren’t satisfied.

–  “Don’t chuck your culture and your traditions for health.”

Next up, we had the opportunity to meet all of the event sponsors: Balance Bar, Dermalogica, Eddie Bauer, Hoka One One, LUNA, Oster Versa, Pure Protein, Tonalin, and Tria!

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After having a bit of fun with the vendors, it was time for an absolutely delicious lunch!  All that chatting worked up an appetite.  Thanks Kurent Events

2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NY

Here are a few pieces of advice from the My Digital Brand is My Business discussion between Bianca, Anne, and Laura:

–  Develop a voice and work on a message.  It will evolve and that is okay.

–  People are looking for niche content.  Find something no one is doing and do it.

–  Emulate, then deviate.

–  Don’t start blogging unless you like it.  If you aren’t passionate about blogging, it will be apparent to your readers.

To finish the day, Hoka One One hosted a fun run.  Thanks the issues with my leg, I decided that it was probably a good idea to sit this one out.  Once the runners set off on their journey, I picked up my epic gift bag and hit the road in order to head to work.

2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NY

Let’s just say that the 2014 Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet NYC was an absolute blast!  This sure set the bar high for future blogging events.  Thanks again Fitness Magazine!

Have you attended a blogging event?  Want to hear more about our #fitblognyc goodie bag?



  1. AAHH! was SO sad to miss this event! But I'm glad you got to go. It sounds like it was a great day and holy swag! Definitely want to try and go next year.
    My recent post Friday Five: Why I’m Running Marine Corps!

  2. Sounds like an awesome event! Thank you for posting an excellent recap!

  3. Leslie @ TriathleteTreats says:

    Sounds so fun!!! I have never been to a blogging event but would love to go!!! YeS!! What is in the swag bag? Looks like a ton of stuff!!!! 🙂


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