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This month, I decided to take a step back from social media a little bit. I posted pictures to Instagram since that’s my favorite. I kept a little bit of chatter going on Facebook. I even managed to post a few times to my slice of the web.   But, if I’m being honest, I didn’t look at any other blogs during this time. I find that every now and then something in life has to give and for me, it is social media. When something isn’t bringing me joy and is instead bringing me angst, it has to go… A little blogging hiatus was definitely in order.  And, as of Friday, I am back to reading my favorites and writing a little bit too!  It never seems like there are enough hours in the day. And, when it comes down to reading or writing a blog versus tackling that mountain of laundry, it unfortunately means, that I need to make sure that “real life” is taken care of first.

One of the other reasons I wasn’t into blog reading is because I am not doing well physically. I injured my foot during the West Point Half Marathon on March 29th. Then, I forced myself to rest in an attempt to race Ragnar SoCal on April 9-10. Well, things went okay at Ragnar but for my final leg, I ended up having to switch it up with a friend (THANKS NIKI!) so that I could run a flatter route and shorter distance. It wasn’t something I wanted to do but it was the grown up decision that had to be made. After returning home, I finally went to the doctor. Nothing serious is going on with my foot… just overworked muscles in my toes and cranky tendons that need rest. And, while at the doctor for my foot, I gave dry needling a whirl in an attempt to fix my stupid piriformis that is acting up again. The left side of my body is just not cooperating. So, with my lack of running and need for rest, I ended up having to bail out on the More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon in Central Park. This made me so upset.  Yet again, I had to make a grown up decision. So, the bottom line is that I am super cranky about my lack of running and in turn, the thought of reading about everyone’s running, training, and racing made me even crankier. So,  with that, I gave up blog reading for a bit.

Thankfully, I am starting to feel a little bit better about my foot and my butt so I am easing back into running and also easing my way back into the social media world. Hopefully, I will get caught up to speed on all the wonderful events everyone is taking part in these days!  I also hope to get back to my regularly scheduled posting!  I have some fun posts from Ragnar SoCal to share with you!

Do you ever take a step back from blogging?  Has it helped you?



  1. I generally blog at least once a week, sometimes more. The time I have available to interact with other bloggers varies based upon other life activities. I try not to think of it as a commitment but rather an optional social activity. I look forward to hearing the Ragnar stories!
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    • I "try" to post at least once a week. I hate feeling behind on blogging but since it is for fun, I try not to stress out about it. It's hard to step away too long though because I feel so out of the loop!

  2. YEP! as you know all too well 🙂 and that's ok! Saw the pics but excited to hear more about Ragnar. Hope you're feeling better! I was bummed to miss seeing you in NYC but soon my friend!
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  3. runawaybridalplanner says:

    So sorry to hear you are still having injury issues, trust me I know that it is not fun. I totally understand the not blogging thing, or taking some time away.
    For me blogging is to be kept purely as enjoyment, although I'd like it to grow, I don't like to think of it in any way as a job. So when I need a break I take one. I actually used to be great at blogging 4 times a week, but the past month I have been completely fine with once or twice a week. I even find that sometimes less is more in that anyways, in more reasons than one. I like to think the content is better, but at the same time less gives me more time to like you said deal with real life:) Anytime I feel overwhelmed I do back off a bit, so that I can keep it as an enjoyment:) So in other words, I totally understand what you mean:)
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    • It's nice to know that others view blogging the same way as I do. It's hard to feel as though I am keeping up when I see some bloggers churning out daily blog posts!

  4. I am glad your foot is feeling better.

    I don't ever really actively take a break from blogging. I love to write, so it's a nice release for me. I do sometimes find myself lacking time to write, but that's just my own poor time management LOL!
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  5. You know I understand breaks! And oh my…Amanda with Running with Spoons! She popped in my head the other day when I thought I hadn't seen her blog in a bit. I gotta head over and say HI!
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  6. mainegirl2runs says:

    Lingering injuries can be so frustrating. I've been slowly building mileage, but no real speedy runs. My breaks from blogging have to do mainly with keeping up with grading papers, writing lesson plans and data reports. Never enough time! I'm looking forward to all your pics from SoCal Ragnar
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  7. Jen@jpabstfitness says:

    Sorry about your injury, hopefully you are back to 100% soon! After my 4th child was born last year, I took about a 4 month blogging break, my sanity demanded it!!!
    My recent post Fitness Friday

    • Oh gosh, I can see why. I'm thankful my blog came well after the birth of my daughter. There is no way to juggle a new little one in the house with blogging!

  8. fitfoodiemama says:

    I love your honesty! I think that blogging and social media in general can be really overwhelming. There are days or even weeks when I question why I do this to myself. I haven't taken any time off yet because I always find a reason to keep going and to be honest, it is sort of my life line. I don't have a lot else except my kids outside of blogging to really hang on to (I mean that in a less dramatic way than it sounds). I may take a step back for a week when I go to Blogfest just to really enjoy the experience since I will be surrounded by all my friends there! Hope your foot and piriformis are feeling better- I know how rough that can be <3

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