Thinking Out Loud: Nope, I didn’t quit my blog.

Nope, I didn’t quit my blog.  As some of my close blogging friends know, I have considered shutting down my blog a time or two. Yet, for one reason or another, I always end up coming back and posting on my slice of the Internet. Over time, my reasons for blogging have changed and my interest in maintaining my website certainly ebbs and flows. I love sharing race recaps, connecting with teammates around the globe and maintaining friendships with other {Read More}

NYC Marathon Training: Week 5 & 6

NYC Marathon Training Week 5 and 6 are officially in the books! Here are the links to catch you up on Week 1 and 2 and Week 3 and 4 of my NYC Marathon training. Week #5. July 21 – July 27 Monday: Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching Tuesday: 3 Miles (Easy) – 29:22 /9:47 Wednesday: 3 Miles (Easy) – 27:11/9:04 Thursday: Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching Friday:  Foam rolling/icing/stretching Saturday:  6 Miles (Long Run) – 59:40/9:57 Sunday:  Rest – foam rolling/icing/stretching   Week #6. July 28 – {Read More}

NYC Marathon Training: Week 3 & 4

To get you up to speed, here is my training recap of Week #1 and #2. And, to be perfectly honest, weeks two and three of NYC marathon training didn’t even feel like marathon training.  I’m having quite a few issues popping up and instead of ending up seriously injured, I decided to take it easy and not push it.  After all, I still have 15 weeks before race day which is a reasonable amount of time to get it together {trying {Read More}

NYC Marathon Training: Week 1 & 2

The last week of June I finally decided to get a plan together via SmartCoach and commit to my NYC Marathon Training.  That week put me twenty weeks from the starting line of the NYCM.  So far, I am very slowly trying to get my act together.  We traveled back and forth to Maine a few times due to a family emergency.  And, with all that travel in mind, I call these few weeks a success.  Plus, since the month of June was {Read More}

Look Back, Plan Forward

After my first marathon in October, I was exhausted. Training took a lot out of me physically and emotionally. After Marine Corps Marathon, I was so burnt out that I stopped running for about 8 weeks after the race. I just wanted more time to relax, sleep in, and enjoy the holidays and my family without having to lace up during every free moment. Plus, my body was pretty worn out. I wasn’t injured after Marine Corps but my hips {Read More}

Race Recap: 2013 Marine Corps Marathon

Here goes nothing. It’s my long overdue 2013 Marine Corps Marathon race recap! When I woke up to my alarm the morning of 2013 Marine Corps Marathon, I was excited, but I felt a nervous pit in my stomach that I had not felt in a long time.  I quickly grabbed my race gear and tried my best not to wake up Cora and Jake (oh the joys of staying in a hotel before a race).  Within a few minutes I {Read More}

Marathon Training: Week 12

Week 12 is in the books!  Just a few weeks left until the big day! MON:  Rest TUES:  3 Miles WED:  Rest THURS:  Cora’s Birthday!  No running happened… Cupcakes did!  🙂 FRI: 6 Miles SAT: Rest SUN: 20 Miles This week was definitely a confidence booster headed into Marine Corps Marathon.  I ran my very first twenty miler.  For me, getting over the mental hurdle of running twenty miles was HUGE. Hurdle #1:  Getting out the door.  The support from {Read More}

Marathon Training: Week 11

Okay, so if you follow this blog closely, you might have realized that there were no weekly training logs for Week 8, 9, or 10.  Hood to Coast hit and I will blame that for my lack of weekly marathon updates.  Don’t worry, I didn’t take three weeks off… I just had a very busy couple of weeks racing! Week #8 of training included the epic Hood to Coast relay with Nuun Hydration. Week #9 of training was spent running {Read More}

New Goals!

To start off the new year, I wrote a post about my goals for the year.  I wanted to update you all on my progress and set some new goals for myself as we head into the summer. Goal #1. BE KIND TO MY BODY: I stink at this.  I am keeping this as my number one goal because I do not stretch, ice, do yoga and foam roll nearly as regularly as I would like and it shows.  My IT {Read More}